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Lake Roesiger Community Summer 2014 Boat Parade

Boat Parade Winners

Grand Prize - Dukes of Hazard - Woods Family - 2 time Keeper of the Rusty Cup 
1st - Flintstones - Dahl Family
2nd- Northwestern - Anderson Family
3rd - Swimming - Pulling Family
4th - Shock - Miller Family

Dock Winners

Tyo Family
Allen Family
Kreiger Family

General Lake Conditions
as of 2-1-2015

Water Temp - mid 30s
Visibility - 10-12 ft                       
Fishing - Kokanee and Bass poor
            -Trout poor
Launch - Open 

Current Weather Forecast




How's the fishing??

Washington Department  of Fish and Wildlife- TEST Plan for Lake Roesiger:

Lake Goodwin and Lake Roesiger have been chosen as "TEST" lakes in the WDFW annual stocking plan. According to the Biologist, both lakes have not been planted for 2 years with "catchable" fish. Because of our cormorant (the long neck black ducks) and Bass populations, we are a "TEST lake. In 2012 there was a large fry plant in November. But, because it was so late in the year, most died due to a lack of time to acclimate for winter. Last year they were planted in September, but because fishing is still extremely poor..the outcome of 2013 is still unsure. Other than a small triploid plan (517) we have not had any significant plants for 3 years now.

For reference:

2014 Catchable Plants:

Flowing Lake:   9500    catchables
Lake Bosworth: 10,000 catchables
Lake Ballinger: 8400     catchables
Storm Lake:      9000    catchables
Lake Roesiger: 0          catchables

See data from:

If this concerns you please call:

North Puget Sound - Region 4 (Mill Creek)

Boat Parade 2014